New board game teaches teens how to interact with police

ByEvelyn Holmes via KGO logo
Wednesday, July 24, 2019
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Criminal defense attorney April Preyar has created the board game "Trials & Triumph" which teaches teens and their familiies life skills.

CHICAGO -- A new board game is helping teens stay on the right side of the law.

Chicago area criminal defense attorney April Preyar's "Trials & Triumph" teaches kids life skills, how to interact with police and about the criminal justice system.

"They can see themselves in the scenario so if they ever find themselves in that situation they know exactly what to do," said Preyar.

Preyar started out by posting videos on social media about how to interact with police.

Her mission now, is to teach teens and their families about the system and how to avoid getting caught up in it.

"Trials & Triumphs" features 54 real-life scenarios that Preyer drew from her nearly 20 years of experience.

As players move around the board, they navigate between the "world of possibilities" and the "world of trouble".

They'll eventually stumble across "flashing lights" which represent contact with law enforcement.

You win the game by getting out of the "world of trouble" with a clean slate and hopefully a few principles for life.

Preyar says she wants anyone who plays her game to walk away with an understanding that the truth isn't always just under the law.

"There are always three sides," she said. "My side, your side and the truth, and the truth often times never makes it into the courtroom."