Retailers enticing shoppers into stores with wine, other experiences

Shoppers heading to brick-and-mortar stores may be delighted to find that their favorite retailers are now offering wine and other experiences to entice customers to spend a little bit more.

"Hood Feminism" author Mikki Kendall is one of those shoppers. The mother of two has turned a routine hour at the grocery store into happy hour by indulging in a drink as she fills her cart.

"Normally when I go grocery shopping, it's sort of tedious. There's a lot of food -- my kids eat a lot -- so I have to get two carts' worth of stuff," Kendall told ABC News. "If I'm going to be here for an hour anyway, I might as well enjoy this hour."

It's a growing trend, with chains like Nordstrom, Whole Foods and Crate and Barrel offering customers the option to sip while they shop at some locations.

"Offering wine and beer at the store is one more way for retailers to get people in and to get them to spend more freely," Washington Post retail reporter Abha Bhattarai, who recently reported on the trend, told ABC News. "One woman told me that she bought an entire crown roast of lamb and it ended up sitting in her freezer for six months because she got home, sobered up and realized she didn't know what to do with it."

Added Kendall: "It's amazing what a good Riesling will make you buy. Sometimes I might end up in the fancy food aisle buying a little bit more prosciutto and fig preserves and maybe some extra fruit, some crackers that will go with it."

It's not just alcohol that retailers are offering. There are experiences, too: lululemon offers workout classes, clothing retailer Alex Mill has tie-dye workshops, and grocery store Mariano's even hosts live music.

"We're seeing pop-up stores, in-store climbing walls, knife sharpening sessions, cooking classes -- anything you can think of, retailers are trying it out," Bhattarai added.
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