San Ramon woman, boyfriend meet at spot he was shot in Vegas

LAS VEGAS (KGO) -- Protecting strangers, a sense of shock, and trying to move on. The shooting in Las Vegas has undone the feeling of security for so many people.

If day one was marked by shock and disbelief, day two seems to be about slowly taking steps to move on.

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There are more tourists in the area with curiosity about what happened and some streets have reopened. But there are also survivors, including a woman from the Bay Area, who went to the scene in the hopes of starting the healing process.

There was an emotional hug between two survivors on Tuesday. Johanna Ernst from San Ramon was at the concert with her boyfriend. We asked what was running through her mind as she revisited the crime scene.

"I was just thinking of all the times I was running and hiding and running into balconies and just looking for a safe place it just kept sounding like people were chasing me with bullets and (I kept thinking) do I stay do I run is this a safe spot, and trying to get to where he was," she said.

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Ernst and her boyfriend got separated during the chaos. She took shelter in a nearby casino. Her boyfriend ended up at the hospital with a bullet in his left arm.

"I feel silly showing this compared to what other people went through, you know?" he said. "The bullets did not damage any major parts so they said they're just going to go ahead and leave it. It's safer way that way, they said, because if they tried to move it it could cause more damage."

Meanwhile Ernst didn't have any physical damage but continues to relive the events of Sunday night.

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"Sitting at the casino last night eating at one of the restaurants and somebody's slot machine went off and just hearing that tick tick tick was like..." she said.

Meanwhile the search for clues continues. The FBI swept the streets on Tuesday as curious tourists looked on. One of the largest attractions on the strip was not the casinos, it was a street where folks left balloons, flowers, and prayers.

One thing that is striking is that for being the largest mass shooting in U.S. history, there's not a huge memorial here at the crime scene. Instead, memorials have popped up across the city, other parts of the strip, and furtherer north at city hall.

Ernst and her boyfriend, who's from San Diego, are headed back to California Tuesday evening.

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