Home invasion suspects terrorize San Jose family with knives

Wednesday, May 13, 2015
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A San Jose couple is in shock and wondering if they'll ever be safe inside their house after a brazen home invasion Friday morning.

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- A couple in the upscale Evergreen neighborhood of San Jose is still in shock and wondering if they'll ever be safe in their house after a brazen home invasion Friday morning.

Surveillance cameras captured video of the intruders and they're hoping it will help police catch them.

It was a frightening experience for the people inside the house, but what's scarier is they don't know what the motive was. They don't know if the burglars wanted to kill them or kidnap their baby. "We are still in shock. It was a terrible experience," Bikram Singh said.

"I don't see we are safe anymore," Bani Kaur said.

For Kaur and Singh, this was the second time burglars targeted their home in the upscale neighborhood.

After the first burglary, the couple installed six security cameras.

This time, the intruders were caught on camera. The two young burglars jumped the fence and entered through the backyard. They peered through the sliding glass door and found an easy way in.

"Unfortunately, this door was not locked, it was just closed," Singh said.

Video shows them go inside the house and into the kitchen. Then, the suspects opened drawers and armed themselves with knifes. They moved on and one of them disconnected the phone as he headed into the stairwell.

Another camera caught them going up the stairs onto the second floor. They checked bedrooms until suddenly they heard noises in the master suite, where the couple's sister-in-law and her mother were babysitting a 1-year-old girl.

The sister-in-law placed her body against the door as the two men tried to open it. "She closed the door, she was struggling, she didn't want to open the door and they were kicking the door," Singh said.

One of them eventually succeeded kicking a hole in the door.

"The door was broken and they tried to attack the ladies with knives," Singh said.

The women ran into the bathroom and locked themselves in, while one of them called Singh and Kaur on her cellphone. Then, they called 911.

The intruders finally gave up and ran out of the house.

"It is very scary when someone is in your own home is trying to kill you with a knife," Singh said.

Police are still searching for the suspects.