Shark warnings issued at beaches after multiple sightings

SANTA CRUZ, Calif. (KGO) -- Multiple shark sightings along the Monterey Bay have prompted safety officials to issue warnings. The latest confirmed sighting happened Thursday at New Brighton State Beach.

Taking a dip in the water is inviting during any hot, sunny day. "Who's not going to want to come out and enjoy this," said Santa Cruz County resident, Chris Klein.

But you're advised to enter at your own risk after multiple shark sightings. California State Park rangers posted advisory signs along the beach.

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"I think it's a good thing so people are aware and they have kids and they're worried," said Lauren Beiler of Sacramento.

"I have grandkids out in the water right now, you can't help but be concerned," said Klein. "The other side of it, I wouldn't pull them out of the water just yet because there haven't been any attacks."

Santa Cruz County Sheriff officers posted their own shark warning off a beach in Aptos - not far from where a dead 9 foot Great White washed up Sunday morning. The California Department of Fish and Wildlife has launched a criminal investigation into the shark's death.

"You can't fish for them, therefore you can't kill them," said Klein, referring to the shark's status as a protected species.
Great White shark sightings are common in Monterey Bay, especially in the past few years.

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"They come in to the warmest shallowest waters in the afternoon basically just to warm up," said Giancarlo Thomae, a marine biologist who studies sharks.

He was out boating with friends at New Brighton State Beach when they came close to a 10 foot Great White.

"It's a pretty amazing and humbling experience, just to be out there just relaxing and sun tanning next to these great and misunderstood animals," he said.

Thomae said the sharks are peaceful as long as they're left alone. Parents out with their kids didn't seem too concerned. "We're not too worried about it. They'll just get their toes wet in the water," said Naomi Fisher, who was visiting the beach with her 5 children from Sunol.

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