Bakery owner "unapologizing" for 'Build the Wall' heart-shaped cookies

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Friday, February 1, 2019
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A baker is responding to making cookies with "Build That Wall" written on them.

EDMONDS, Washington -- Ken Bellingham, owner of Edmonds Bakery, says he's "unapologizing" for the "Build the Wall" cookie he sold last week.

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A patron, Ana Carrera, saw the cookie and took a picture of it, and sounded off, upset about what Bellingham initially called a joke.

"There's nothing funny about racism or racist ideals + policies," Carrera said on Facebook.

Bellingham told KOMO-TV he does support border security but would not go as far as to say he supported a wall.

In the end, he said his decision to sell the 'Build the Wall' cookies was a business decision, rather than a political one.

"People should lighten up," said Bellingham.

The controversial cookies are now being sold by the dozen.