San Jose woman builds a better community through animal rescues

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Monday, June 17, 2019
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More than 350 animal rescues later, Tami Moore continues to Build a Better Bay Area by saving animals through education and fostering.

SAN JOSE , Calif. (KGO) -- Tami Moore is Building a Better Bay Area by saving the animals in her community.

"To this point, I've saved around 350 animals," San Jose resident, Tami Moore, said. "I'm talking about something as small as a garden snake, all the way up to the dogs. I even save possums or squirrels. My biggest rescue was a fawn that somebody had in their backyard."

Moore has been rescuing for 10 years and works several jobs to continue to afford these rescues.

She has a soft spot for all animals and never wants any to die wrongfully.

"I had seen on social media a dog that was going to be put down," Moore said. "It had three days. I thought, 'oh my god. What can I do to save this dog'?"

In addition to rescuing countless animals of all sizes and species, she works to educate others on the importance of basic needs like spaying and neutering, as well as vaccinations and nutrition.

"I live in a community that not everyone is educated enough or can't afford to do some of those things so I make sure that I have resources for them," Moore said.

This includes homeless in the Bay Area.

No animal or person left behind.

All to save these animals in hopes her South San Jose community can become more animal safe.

"It's extremely important just to bring animal awareness in any sense to any community, but this one specifically because it has to do with my community," Moore's daughter, Jessica Moore, said. "We're helping our community directly by lowering all the strays in the area."

Moore works with her daughter, Jessica, as well as other friends who have joined her in her quest to protect animals over the years.

This includes Barbara Biglarderi, who came across Moore on social media and ended up keeping a dog for herself.

"There was a dog that I saw on Facebook whose eyes were just calling to me," Biglarderi said. "She looked so sad. I just said that I will take her. Tami reached out to me and said if it was true, she wanted to get in contact. I fostered her for Tami and then she never left. I have been working with Tami for about five years. The journey with the Moore's has been fabulous. They are the best family that anybody could get involved with."

Moore said her job is an on-going one in the Bay Area.

She hopes awareness to her mission will help change the outlook for so many animals in the area while building a better Bay Area.

"Adopt," Moore said. "Don't buy from breeders, the shelters are full. There are so many animals out there and they're amazing. They deserve a home. They're here because of us and it's our job to make sure that they get the best care possible and that they are loved. They give so much back to everyone.

Moore is always looking for more help for the animals.

You can connect with Moore on Facebook or via e-mail at

She also encourages anyone who can to donate animal supplies or monetary donations via her PayPal.