South Bay bicycle owner on a mission to take back what's his

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- SAN JOSE, Calif. - For one man in the South Bay, building a better Bay Area involves taking back what's his.

Eric Greenwood is a victim of bicycle theft, and it only took one instance to incite action.

Nest camera footage shared with ABC7 News showed a man walking by Greenwood's Willow Glen home. Moments later, the man is seen cycling away on Greenwood's Peugeot Versailles.

He took to social media, asking others for known spots around San Jose where stolen bicycles are either kept or dumped.

"I made a list. I checked every one of them," he said. "I've walked the whole Guadalupe River almost- from Blossom Hill to Downtown."

He's keeping an eye out for a candy apple green frame and a Brooks Brown seat. His bicycle, valued at $500, was recently boosted from his garage.

He admits it was his responsibility to make sure the bicycle was secure.

"It was in my garage. So, I didn't think twice. In five minutes, I went in to pet my dogs. It's the last thing I thought would happen," Greenwood explained. "But this guy walked by, saw it, an opportunity. Got it and was gone. I mean, that quick."

He added, "I bought that bike at 17, in 1987. It was the first bike I bought with my own money."

He laughed, coming to the conclusion he's somewhat of a "bicycle bounty hunter."

"I'll have a better chance of finding it if I'm looking," he said. "If I'm waiting for somebody else to look for it, it's not going to happen."

He said he's reached out to the San Jose Police Department.

Greenwood's trek toward Downtown put him the right direction, according to other victims.

Alena Dzonlez said her $2,500 BMX racing bike was swiped in the Downtown area, Friday. One day before she was scheduled to compete in the NorCal State Championship Finals in Santa Clara.

"The bike was actually at my friend's house and her car was broken into," Dzonlez told ABC7 News. "And they took my bike."

She said her friend's bike was also taken.

Down on luck, Dzonlez competed on her husband's bike. She explained it took a few quick modifications and a little bit of hope, but Dzonlez ended up taking home 1st Place.

"Yes we did," she shouted, while motioning the camera to her winner's plate, "And I was able to win as you can see right here!"

However, she admits the celebration doesn't replace the sentimental value. Dzonlez has competed in national, state and local rides on her own racing bike.

"Yesterday, I was just kind of really emotional thinking about the bike," she explained. "And just kind of like, oh my God. Is my bike missing me right now?"

Her bike had a "#1" plate fastened on. She said it's pearl white with red, and reads "Supercross."

Greenwood has reached out to Dzonlez, as he's added her bike to his search as well.

While he remains determined, he said there's also a sense of setback.

"It's very difficult to track everything down because it just works so fast," he added. "And I think we're almost feeling defeated."

SJPD is aware of the issue. They recommend owners keep track of serial numbers and invest in quality locks to discourage theft.

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