'Faces of Fremont': Bollywood dance studio

FREMONT, Calif. (KGO) -- For the past month, ABC7 News has been embedded in the city of Fremont and, this week, we will bring you stories about their solutions to problems we are all facing. Behind those solutions are the people of Fremont: a diverse and inclusive community with many perspectives.

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Indian-Americans make up a huge portion of Fremont's population.

ABC7 News Reporter Wayne Freedman spent several days in Fremont with a still camera to capture one of the city's most beloved activities. Wayne's passion for photography and storytelling come together in photo essay about Bollywood.

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In Fremont, most nights, expect a small but enthusiastic crowd, maybe peering in at what may be the best show in town.

It's the kind of scene that could go in a movie, for what it is and what it does. And Sunita Raj of Sun Bollywood has the market cornered.

"Bollywood is just like Hollywood," said Raj. "It is Indian movies and the dances we teach are based based on Indian movies."

A Bollywood movie is an experience like no other. Song, dance and drama are played out and accented with song and dance.

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"All different kinds of emotions from a warrior, then if someone is in love it's a romantic dance," said Raj. "So, it is all kinds of expressions you can show through Bollywood dancing."

More important in Fremont, an American city, so far from a homeland this provides a link.

"Who doesn't love Indian movies," said Raj. "Being Indian, you grew up watching those movies so yeah, you feel like a movie star when you're dancing."

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