South Bay school relying on generator for power, not sure when permanent power will be installed

MOUNTAIN VIEW, Calif. (KGO) -- In the South Bay, students are attending an elementary school in Mountain View that has no power. It's relying on a diesel-powered generator, and no one is sure when permanent power will be installed.

At Jose Antonio Vargas Elementary the power shuts off every evening at 6 PM. That's because the new school is relying on a generator.

Over the summer, construction crews at the school tried to install a utility box on an undeveloped property nearby. Ends up, a Homeowners' association owns the property and doesn't want PG&E equipment located there.

Tuesday was the second day of the new school year. One parent told us it hasn't been a big inconvenience at this point. But the school can't use the second floor because it can't use the elevator.

Some classes have been moved and there are no events after 6 PM. Refrigerators go without power overnight. And those who live next to the school hear the generator's hum.

PG&E says it should have a plan within the next few days to relocate the utility box. The project would then need proper permits.

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