Apple Worldwide Developers Conference attendees inspired by Michelle Obama

SAN JOSE, Calif. (KGO) -- Former First Lady Michelle Obama was in San Jose Tuesday to talk to thousands of people in the tech industry attending Apple's World Wide Developers Conference.

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The room lit up as she walked on stage. The former first lady gave Apple CEO Tim Cook a hug and waved to the crowd enthusiastically. Obama was invited to speak at WWDC and the press was not allowed in.

Attendees shared pictures of her speaking about her role as first lady.

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Besides sharing personal memories from the White House, Obama spoke about the need to have more women in technology.

"How we need to strive to be pillars in our environment, how we need to affect around us people that are closest to us, because that inspires change," said engineer Leila Navon.

That message resonated with men who were listening to Obama as well.

"We need to look at ways where we can educated and bring those women into technology and open the funnel up," said developer Mark James. "So she talked a lot about how we can do that as entrepreneurs as business leaders."

The talk was held as a fireside chat between Obama and Apple's Vice President of Social Initiatives and Environment, Lisa Jackson. There were developers from all over the world in the crowd.

"It gave us a little bit of perspective of what we're doing, we're all here running businesses, making money, putting bread on the table," said developer Michael Topschij. "And she was getting us to think, see what impact we have on the world."

Cook tweeted this photo with the former first lady, thanking her for sharing her views on diversity, innovation, and encouraging developers to make the world a better place.

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