Best-reviewed places to work in Los Angeles include FloQast, Open Listings

A great place to work is often hard to find. There may be plenty of companies hiring in your area, but which ones are worth your time? Here's an overview of the best companies hiring in Los Angeles, according to data from jobs site Glassdoor.

In terms of overall employee ratings, FloQast topped the list of employers hiring in Los Angeles last month, earning an average of five stars from 23 reviews.

According to the company's profile on Glassdoor, FloQast is "a fast growing, Los Angeles-based startup redefining how a critical business process (financial close) is performed."

Among new jobs added last month, FloQast's top paying positions in Los Angeles included software engineering managers. FloQast was also looking for LA-based software engineers, account managers, and technology consultants.

Open Listings also earned an average overall rating of five stars out of 18 reviews, as did Platterz. Both listed new jobs in Los Angeles in the last month.

If we look at ratings by industry, real estate has the highest-rated employers on average in Los Angeles. Open Listings tops the list of real estate firms adding new jobs in the area last month, also earning an overall average of five stars from 18 reviews.

"At Open Listings, we're creating an all-in-one home buying service that's digitally-led and giving buyers an edge in any market," reads the company description on Glassdoor. "We're focused on building products that make home buying efficient, simple, and affordable."

Among new jobs added last month, Open Listings was on the lookout for Los Angeles-based back end engineers, quality assurance engineers, and product designers.

If we dig deeper into Glassdoor's employer ratings, we can also see which companies rated highly in specific areas like senior management or culture and values.

Harness, self-described as "the industry's first Continuous Delivery-as-a-Service platform," ranked highest on average across Glassdoor categories. The company came in first for overall rating, compensation and benefits, senior management, culture and values, career opportunities, business outlook, and "worth recommending to friends."

Among new jobs added last month, Harness was looking for Los Angeles-based regional account executives.

While money isn't everything, generous pay is a factor in employee satisfaction, and companies vary in the salaries and wages they pay similarly skilled employees. Glassdoor provides salary estimates for jobs listed on its site, based on compensation in job descriptions and reported by employers and employees.

The company with the highest estimated salaries across all of its jobs posted last month in Los Angeles was financial services company Fidelity Investments. When comparing salaries within the same industry, Teads looks best, paying more on average than its advertising industry competitors.

Among Fidelity Investments's recently listed jobs, positions for investment consultants have the highest expected compensation, and are above the median among local employers seeking the same skills.

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