7 On Your Side helps woman after cannabis product refund goes up in smoke

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- It's a sign of the times. 7 On Your Side has received its first complaint about the sale of cannabis products.

Victoria Felix has done everything she can to control her pain. "I'm stretching here and back here," she said, pointing to her lower back.

Victoria has been living with pain since being rear ended on the freeway. "It hurts bad. It's a lot. It's very painful," Victoria said.

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She went online and bought some hemp oil known as "salve" to lessen her discomfort. A friend gave her a sample and it seemed to work. Victoria purchased it from a company called Kannaway.

"Salve is just an ointment. It's an ointment that you rub on the pain in the area," she said.

Kannaway says it accidentally double charged her for the product. It agreed to refund her for the double charge.

Later, Victoria decided she didn't want the oil and returned it for a refund.

"So every day, they would tell me, we refunded your money. Check your bank," she recalls.

She said they repeated the same thing to her over an entire month.

A frustrated Victoria contacted 7 On Your Side.

The President and CEO of Kannaway's parent company, Medical Marijuana , sent us a long explanation and asked us to share it with Victoria.

Overall she was pleased with the letter. "He is taking full responsibility and he has it lined out pretty well and how it happened."

The letter acknowledged the product was returned and the refund was delayed a month.

Medical Marijuana President Stuart Titus told us "our internal customer service and overall check and balance system did not perform as intended...I, Stuart W. Titus, take full and complete responsibility."

"It was something about you guys calling and getting involved that actually got action happened," said a smiling Victoria.

Kannaway has also offered Victoria a complimentary product for her troubles.

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Written and produced by Randall Yip
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