Consumer Catch-up: Internet privacy bill, Equifax deal, small cars getting pricier

Internet privacy bill

State lawmakers fast tracked an internet privacy bill out of both the House and Senate, and Governor Jerry Brown signed it late Thursday. The signature means a nearly identical bill will be pulled off the November ballot for voters.

The bill prevents internet companies from sharing user's personal information without their knowledge. Companies, upon request, must explain what data was collected, why, and what types of third parties received it.

Consumers can also ask companies to delete their information and refrain from selling it.

Backers of the ballot measure agreed to take it off once Governor signed the legislative bill, which they say saves a costly campaign.

Experts say the bill gives consumers the most far-reaching control over their personal data in the country.

Equifax reaches deal with eight states

Equifax agreed to a new deal with eight states, including California, after its massive data breach leaking information on almost 150 million people.

The agreement says Equifax must go through security audits, as well as come up with new security plans.

If the credit rating agency doesn't follow through with those agreements, the deal also puts penalties in place.

Car prices rising

Snagging a deal on a small used car may be a thing of the past. For years, prices for small cars have been good for buyers.

Now, sales are up five percent compared to 2017, driven in part by rising gas prices.

Used car dealers say prices for those cars have been inching up since the beginning of the year.

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