Consumer Catch-up: On-time airlines, ticket prices rising, flexible benefits

Top on-time airlines

The U.S. Department of Transportation crunched the numbers to find out which airlines has the most on-time arrivals. Delta, Alaska, and United Airlines made the top three spots, respectively, for flights in February 2018. That's the most recent month data is available.

Delta, Hawaiian, and United had the lowest rate of flight cancellations in the study.

Overall, more flights were late in February, compared to January 2018 and February 2017.

Passengers did seem to have a better flying experience, however. Complaints about airline service were down almost 28 percent compared to the month before.

American Airlines warns about prices

Meanwhile, American Airlines is warning its prices may go up!

The CEO today blamed higher fuel costs for the warning. American saw a 45 percent drop in its first-quarter profit, and already cut its earnings forecast for the year.

CEO Doug Parker says after labor, fuel is the biggest expense. When fuel costs go up, it gets more expensive to provide air travel.

Employees crave flexible benefits, dream of freelancing

Employees are expecting more of their jobs - and want their employers to listen up.

In the latest annual employee benefit trends study by MetLife, 43 percent of respondents said their job should be something they're passionate about. MetLife found that employees "want their work to reflect their values, interests and aspirations."

Almost three quarters of employees say having more flexible benefits would increase their loyalty to the job.

More are also considering contract work or freelancing. The study found 57 percent are interested in freelance work, and 24 percent of employees plan to actually pursue freelance work within the next five years.

That interest is especially strong with younger employees - 74 percent are interested in freelance. As for millennials, 40% said they plan to leave their jobs to pursue freelance opportunities.

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