Consumer Catch-up: Strange T-Mobile alert, Insurance overcharges, World Nutella Day

T-Mobile sends out strange alert

T-Mobile customers are getting an odd alert on their phones. It says, "We have identified an industry-wide phone number port out scam and encourage everyone to add account security."

It has a link and that is causing concern. 7 On Your Side confirmed with T-Mobile, it is legitimate. The company wants their customers to add security, making it harder for ID thieves to steal phone numbers.

This is a scam 7 On Your Side has reported on before. ID thieves pretend to be a consumer and port their number to another phone. Then the thieves use that phone to steal bank account numbers and more data. This crime affects all phone companies.

Nonprofit concerned about insurance charges

Nonprofit organization Consumer Federation of America thinks you may be overcharged for your car and home insurance. The organization is urging all state insurance commissioners to cut premiums following the recent federal tax cuts.

Consumer Federation of America says insurance customers will be overcharged by $25 billion unless commissioners order rate cuts.

Insurance is generally regulated and priced by how much it costs to provide. Now that taxes have gone down, it costs less to provide.

Happy World Nutella Day

Today is World Nutella Day. The chocolate-hazelnut celebration was launched back in 2007 by American blogger Sara Rosso.

The idea proved to be a resounding success with fans, and it grew to be such a global phenomenon that Rosso transferred World Nutella Day to the makers of the concoction in 2015.

The spread itself dates back to the 1800s, when there were plenty of nuts, but little cocoa available.

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