Consumer Catch-up: Wildfire consumer protections, Citibank refunds, Walmart virtual furnishings

Wildfire consumer rights bills move forward

Bills designed to help people rebuild after wildfires and other natural disasters are moving forward.

The bills passed out of the Senate Insurance Committee this week. They give consumer protections to state policyholders.

One bill would help consumers take insurance companies to court if the company doesn't deliver on certain consumer claims. Another would require insurance companies to disclose if customer's policy costs are about to increase.

Insurance officials say the bills will help smooth out longstanding issues within the market.

Citigroup reaches deal with CFPB

Citigroup will pay hundreds of millions of dollars back to customers in a deal with the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau.

The agreement will refund $335 million in overpaid interest to 1.75 million customers. The CFPB says Citigroup used flawed methodology to determine whether credit card customers were eligible for an interest rate reduction, so some customers may have overpaid.

The refunds will be completed by the end of the year. CFPB says Citigroup self-identified and self-reported the problems to the Bureau.

Walmart virtual furnishings

Walmart wants to use virtual technology to make it easier for you to furnish your home.

A new feature on the company's website lets shoppers take a virtual tour of an apartment. Then the customer can buy items straight from the tour.

Next month, Walmart will also add a new feature called "Buy the Room." It's aimed at college students who want a quick way to buy an entire collection at once.

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