Haight Hair: Checking In With 'Debonair' And 'Mane Attraction'

On the 1300 block of Haight Street, two relatively new salons have staked out their turf--one for a retrofit, and another for keeps.


Originally open in the Lower Haight almost two years ago, Debonair decamped to the Upper Haight (1342 Haight St.) in 2017. Offering cuts for men, the salon is owner Justin Llanes's San Francisco branch of a line of salons that originally debuted in Southern California.

Shop manager Ray said the move to the Upper Haight was functionally permanent. "I think we're going to be here for a while," he said. "It's great up here."

In addition to brisker foot traffic, he said the neighborhood has been welcoming: "We've been getting a lot of people coming in here telling us they appreciate it, they appreciate us being here. "

Debonair is open Monday to Fridays from 11am-7pm and on Sunday from noon to 5pm.

Mane Attraction

Longtime Cole Valley salon Mane Attraction set up shop late last month at 1310 Haight St. while its permanent location at Carl and Cole undergoes a soft-story retrofit.

A stylist at the salon said the short-term lease for the Haight Street space is for a year, so they'll have a home base for operations in the meantime.

Mane Attraction is open daily; for appointments, phone 415-753-5500.