Hillary Clinton wraps up Professional BusinessWomen's Conference in San Francisco

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Hillary Clinton gave the keynote speech at the Professional BusinessWomen's Conference of California in San Francisco Tuesday.

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It was the first time Clinton has given a big public speech since the election, and she chose the conference at the Moscone Center to deliver her much-anticipated message.

"It's great to be back in San Francisco," said Clinton as she received a standing ovation.

It's where the former presidential hopeful feels most comfortable - among those who envision a country that in her words is, "stronger together."

Today she shared her new mantra which popped into her head during those long walks in the woods. "Resist, insist, persist, enlist."

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While Clinton did not mention President Trump today, she criticized the lack of women in Washington.

"Women's representation in the current administration in Washington, for example, is the lowest it's been in a generation," Clinton said.

This year people signed up in record numbers for the conference, many say to find support in a climate of hostility.

"We are now living in a very politically challenging time. Many people are feeling excluded, not included," Clinton said.
"I think people came here about hope, they are here about faith, they're here about ambition and they are here to make a difference," PBWC Board President & Chair Alexandra Roddy said.

The conference was a time to open up to possibilities and recognize that there is more that unites women than divides them.

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