National Ravioli Day has customers already missing Lucca's

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Today is National Ravioli Day. What's the significance of that? None really other than to remind us that one of San Francisco's favorite deli's, Lucca's, is closing in one month. People are stacking up, buying aprons, bags and holding on to their memories.

"I just heard the news. I'm not happy, this does not making me happy," said Dianne Solimena who has been coming to Lucca's since she moved to San Francisco in 1982.

Mahasin Thomas used to bring her children here years ago. They loved the bread sticks. She started singing an old Frank Sinatra song and adding her own words.

"Start spreading the news, let everyone know that this store is getting ready to close..."

Heartbroken but never defeated, customers are stocking up on their favorite items that they can only find at a place like Lucca's on Valencia Street in the Mission District. They're even buying aprons and bags with the name Lucca's on them.

"I can't tell you how attached I am going to miss this place, what it represents in terms of community and fabulous food and a real place to go like who wants to order your whole life online," expressed Sue Trupin.

Zahra Tappouni lives in Oregon. Every time she visits her daughter in San Francisco, she makes a stop at Lucca's.

"I'm from the Middle East orginally so this is so familiar," Tappouni told us.

The family business started in this building which they've owned since 1925. That one-on-one attention to customers is old school-- soon to be a faded memory.

"I come from an Italian neighborhood in New York where we had like three Italian delis-- so this was like my home away from home," said Solimena who had several boxes of frozen Ravioli, you know, just for the memories.

The reason for closing is that the owner has no one to leave this gem to. His children have other interests.

"I'll miss coming here and listening to Frank Sinatra or Dean," said another client.

The owner says he's not changing his mind, the store will close on April 20th, bye Frankie, bye Dino, bye San Francisco.

"He did it his way," said Thomas.
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