Report: Toys R Us to close or sell all stores

EMERYVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- Reports suggest retail giant Toys R Us will sell or close all 800 of its stores after six decades in business.

Outside the Emeryville Toys R Us and Babies R Us, the writing is on the windows -- store closing signs with half off deals.

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"I have a call from my parents and they're like hey, Toys R Us is closing, let's go buy them some toys," said Saeng Phein.

The news caught some off guard.

"I'm a little shocked and surprised," said Rebecca Miller.

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That's partly because Toys R Us has been in business for six decades. Today's Toys R Us parents were yesterday's Toys R Us kids.

"I've known it since I was a kid, so it's fascinating to see all these huge stores closing," said Miller.

The retailer filed for bankruptcy in September with big box and online competitors taking over.

"I used to work for a private label that sold on Amazon so I could see why this is happening," said Phein.

Customers worry about employees losing their jobs, as many as 33,000.

"A lot of people do (work there) which is kind of sad," said Fernando Montes.

In an email to ABC7 News, a spokesperson for Toys R Us said the retailer had no comment at this time.
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