Restoration Hardware criticized for massive catalog

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Restoration Hardware has sent out an absolutely gargantuan catalog of 13 books that weigh 17 pounds.

Instead of selling furniture the Restoration Hardware catalog is being compared to it. Critics are saying the catalog could make a good ottoman or doorstop, but it doesn't make good environmental sense.

In San Francisco's design district, many in the industry had a negative reaction when they saw it.

"It was just too much paper, it was a waste -- go online," said a woman.

"I don't know how I'm ever going to get through it. I don't even have space for it in my house. I'm trying to find a little corner where I could park it. It doesn't seem very modern of them," said Patricia Adrian-Hanson, interior designer.

"I think it's too much and they want it to stop," said Lise Petra, interior designer marketer.

Petra's office received four bundles of the catalogs. She walked them all over to the Restoration Hardware showroom and returned them.

"We said we came back to recycle these. It's a bit much and we go online," said Petra.

Social media is full of criticism for the books. One of the many posts we found says: "Seriously Restoration Hardware? I just pulled my shoulder carrying this."

The company explains on its website that it only sends catalogs once a year, that its paper is forest certified and that its shipping is carbon neutral. They also included this explanation with the shipment of books. But some say they aren't buying it.

"I think it's great they aren't going to send me catalogs every two minutes, but I can't understand how a huge brick like that can be carbon neutral - it's ridiculous," said Adrian-Hanson.

In Santa Monica there is a movement this weekend to return all the catalogs back to the store to make a statement.
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