SF issues subpoenas to Uber, Lyft demanding transparency of business practices

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- San Francisco wants Uber and Lyft to provide more transparency.

On Monday, the city attorney's office issued subpoenas demanding that the two ride-share companies hand over data on their business practices, in particular, to provide data on driver practices and answer questions on discrimination, disability access and public safety.

"It's super dangerous... constantly bicyclists getting cut off or at stop walks, having to walk around, and it's really dangerous," explained San Francisco resident Kathy Birnbaum.

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In a statement, that office made clear: "The city attorney aims to ensure that the two companies' estimated 45,000 vehicles in San Francisco comply with local and state laws."

"Are these drivers driving safely, how many miles are they logging in a day, are there safe working conditions, are they picking up people with disabilities, are they parking in bike lanes, endangering the cyclists and pedestrians? This is all information we want to see," said San Francisco Supervisor Jane Kim, who welcomes the investigation.

Kim is also proposing an additional per-ride fee that would go to help pay for public transit infrastructure and road improvement.

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Uber said it was happy to work with the city.

Lyft was reviewing the subpoena and said, "We also have a track record of working with policy makers who regulate us."

The city attorney is also concerned about those drivers who commute from Sacramento and Fresno, and even Los Angeles, to provide service here, calling them fatigued drivers, who are a threat to themselves and the public.

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