San Francisco Ferry Building farmers market vendors report business is slow

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- Vendors at the Ferry Building hoping to benefit from the big crowds across the street at Super Bowl City are disappointed because some said they've never seen the market as empty as it was today.

One fan said he predicts the Carolina Panthers will win 49-10.

The celebratory mood is palpable in Super Bowl City. "I think the city is really shining you know and no other place in the world can shine like San Francisco," one man said.

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It's a tale of two sides of the same street. The big crowds over at Super Bowl City have not translated to long lines at the Ferry Building farmers market. "It seems like there's a barrier between Super Bowl City and here," one vendor said.

"Usually this market is completely crowded on Saturday and it's empty, empty," one man said.

For the second week in a row, vendors said their regulars are staying home. "We're hoping that even though a lot of our regular farmers market traffic doesn't come down, we'll at least get a little of uptick from the visitors," Batter Bakery employee Jen Musty said.

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Batter bakery customized its cookies to appeal to visiting football fans. "We've got all sorts of Super Bowl cookies down here. Just trying to offer a lot of themed things to encourage people to support our business."

Nana Joes co-owner Pete Koff has an optimistic point of view about Super Bowl City. "We feel like it's going to help our business it brings so many people into the city and they can try our granola," he said.

And if a sample turns into a sale, consider it a victory for the vendors.

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