Signatures no longer required for all credit card purchases

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Asking for a signature on receipt after making a credit card purchase is becoming less common and 7 On Your Side's Michael Finney finds out why. (KGO-TV )

Ever go into a store use a credit card and have the clerk not ask for a signature. It happens more often these days, so that begs the question, why?

Most consumers are pretty sure they know the reason why, but that aren't certain.

At San Francisco's Ferry Building people using a credit card were asked to sign a receipt, but that is not always the case.

Often you will use a credit card and just be handed a receipt, no signature required.

"I think in the speed of day in the hurry and the bustle," said shopper Jonathan Chaparro.

Chaparro is right, but it is not random, or spur of the moment. Credit card companies have put a lot of work into when to get a signature and when not.

Stephanie Ericksen is with Visa and she says it is all about customer service and not getting ripped off.

"If you are doing a transaction amount that is under $25 amount, like buying a cup of coffee, usually you just have to swipe today, you don't even have to sign," Ericksen said.

Visa is keeping a close eye on their customers' behavior and the actions of the bad guys.

"Today we allow all merchants to accept transactions up to $25 without capturing a signature and some merchants like grocery stores and discount stores can go up to $50 because we do not see a lot of fraud in those transaction values in those stores," Ericksen said.

The merchant is protected, Visa feels safe and you should too.

"We are still scoring all of those transactions in the system against our fraud analytics to make sure they continue to remain secure transactions," Ericksen said. "The consumer is never liable for any frauds on their cards."
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