Sinbad's restaurant slated to be demolished to make room for new piers

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- A battle is brewing on the bay. Sinbad's restaurant has been serving food and drinks on Pier 2 for decades and continues to do so, even though the San Francisco Port Authority says it was supposed to shut down Sunday.

Sinbad's has been in the same spot since the summer of 1975.

The owner says he and his crew has survived plenty of ups and downs over the decades. He says he does see the end of the line for his restaurant, but he doesn't believe it's this weekend.

Sinbad's is one of a handful of old San Francisco watering holes still open on the Embarcadero.

Patrons get a spectacular view of the Bay Bridge. The view is one of the hallmarks of this spot for tourists and longtime locals.

But the port has been planning an expansion of ferry and water taxi service and Sinbad's is slated to be demolished so three new piers can be built.

Port of San Francisco spokesperson Rene Martin released a statement saying, "According to an agreement they signed in December 2012, they were required to vacate the premises by December 2014. The port gave them an extension till March 21, 2015. At this point they are willfully trespassing."

But Tom Stinson the co-owner of the restaurant has a different point of view on the situation. "We have communication from WETA saying that we are welcomed to stay until the Spring of next year, at which time they would need the property.

WETA stands for the Water Emergency Transportation Authority, which operates the San Francisco Bay Ferry service.

Stinson says he and his restaurant are in a catch 22 with two different bureaucracy's, WETA and the Port of San Francisco. He's hoping to negotiate an extension until next Spring.

It's not clear what type of deal he can negotiate because his landlord is the Port of San Francisco. And according to the spokesperson, they will be considering court action for an eviction.
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