Nelly's taco truck forced to relocate after 18 years in Pleasanton

PLEASANTON, Calif. (KGO) -- Things are humming full steam at Nelly's taco truck at lunchtime.

It has been a hot spot here along vineyard Avenue for 18 years and Nelly Ramirez has many loyal customers who are going to bat for her now that she's being forced to move.

"It's very sad that someone who has worked hard for 18 years to build a business where her clients expect her to be should be forced to relocate who knows where," said customer Randy Frost.

She says her truck was always pulled along the shoulder of the road to the side of the bike lane on land owned by the city of Pleasanton near the entrance of the casa real wedding venue located on property owned by ruby hill winery.

Casa Real says they complained to the city of Pleasanton about the taco truck this year because increasing traffic volume meant patrons of the food truck were parking on the winery's private road-- in some cases big rig trucks.

Ramirez says The city told her they were forcing her to move because her truck and patrons vehicles were obstructing traffic.

No one from the city returned ABC7 News' calls for comment

"She's upset because she was there for more than 18 years and they've been there 8 to 9 years so she doesn't understand why they're moving her now if they didn't do it 18 years ago," said customer Daniel Lopez.

Now her truck is parked across the street in a dusty field.

She says business is down 75 percent this month so far. The Ruby Hill Winery and Casa Real issued a statement saying: We do not wish to see Nelly's taco truck's business harmed by this event, however, we do feel the need to protect the safety of our property.
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