Camp Fire: Rain moves into burn zone as search for victims continues

PARADISE, Calif. (KGO) -- The rain is a mixed blessing in the Butte County fire zone.

Looking around the Apple Tree mobile home park in Paradise, it's chilling to imagine what the seniors living there experienced when their community caught fire.

Thirteen days later as rain finally dampened the remaining fire in the hills above, search and rescue crews pick through seemingly endless heaps of burnt, and now wet rubble, looking for those who did not make it out alive. Some, we're told, will never be found.

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"The briefings that we're having with our guys and gals, are hey the work you're doing, it's gonna leave a mark on you, it's gonna do some damage to you, but it's our burden to bear," Fresno Fire Department Battalion Chief Brian Price said.

Price has been conducting the search operations and says the rain is slowing their progress.

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"The process in good weather is very slow, it's very methodical," adding "With the weather, the rain coming on, it just extends the time and the ability to do it. Right now, we're actually pulling some of our resources back to some shelter to see if some of this weather is going to pass."

A crew from the California Conservation Corps was filling sandbags that will be placed along burn scars in the hopes of keeping contaminated ash and debris from spreading into the environment.

PG&E trucks stationed along nearly every stretch of road were trying to repair countless power poles and lines before Paradise can come home.

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