Bay Area Breweries serving charity beer to help Camp Fire victims

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- The bartenders at Triple Rock Brewery in Berkeley have been serving up Resilience Butte County Proud IPA all night long-- and folks are buying up the charity beer because they know it's for a good cause.

"I have friends up (in Butte County), who have been affected by the Camp Fire," shares customer Jeff Benroth, who says buying the beer is one way to help.

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The Camp Fire burned above the hills of Sierra Nevada Brewing Company's Chico headquarters. Some of their employees lost their homes. To help the fire victims rebuild, the craft beer specialists emailed breweries across the country asking them to them to sell Resilience and donate 100 percent of the proceeds. Over 1,400 breweries joined in for Thursday night's official launch.

"We were already thinking how we could help. As soon as I got the email - we jumped right in!" says Jeff Kimpe, the head brewer at Triple Rock Brewery.

Some of Triple Rock's customers, like Marie Teixeira, like that local companies are getting involved.

"It's really nice that (Sierra Nevada) has stepped forward to do something for the larger community," says Teixeira.

Triple Rock brewed over 180 gallons and even started selling Resilience a week early. They're also raising awareness by including information about the fundraiser on their menus. That's what got UC Berkeley student Jose Lucar to buy it.

"I read the story (on the menu) for this beer, and went straight ahead and ordered it," he says.
Sierra Nevada gave out the recipe for free. Suppliers donated the ingredients. And now Bay Area breweries, like Novel Brewery Oakland, are serving up the rest.

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"We put it straight into our brew schedule, and wanted to get it out as quick as possible," says Novel co-owner, Teresa Tamburello.

Sierra Nevada hopes the fundraiser will raise up to $10 million for Camp Fire victims.

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