Warriors' fans gearing up for the finals, joke they want to 'boycott' Drake

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The Golden State Warriors are in the NBA finals and scheduled to play against the Toronto Raptors in Canada on Thursdays.

On Saturday night, Raptors fans celebrated their historic win into the NBA Finals and Warriors fans are saying, alright-- enjoy it while it lasts.

NBA FINALS SCHEDULE: Golden State Warriors vs. Toronto Raptors

"We are going to win. We have more experience than them and they are too excited. They are going over the top and the Warriors are just relaxing right now and we are favorites so were going to have to play good on the road," said Warriors fan Otto Gaytan.

Fans from both teams are gearing up here in the Bay Area and others are even flying north to cheer on the dubs.

"I'm bringing a Warriors T-shirt to her husband and he has a Raptors t-shirt for me," said Margarita Calvio, a Bay Area resident and Warriors fan.

We asked Calvio if she is going to wear the Raptors jersey, "I'm a Bay Area girl and I'm not wearing the Raptors I'm wearing my Warriors," said Margarita Calvio.

Tickets to fly to Canada range between $400 to $600.

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At the Air Canada counter, some Raptors fans didn't hold back.

"The dinosaurs are in the building and we are going to take it all," said Nancy Marsilla.
Some Canadians believe the support of rapper Drake will energize the team and help them win.

"Home court advantage it's the biggest thing that we have. Because we have all those fans and Drake supporting us. Drake will be there. Yeah he has a whole army around him," said Sanan Akhundzada.

Local rapper E40 posted a photo with Canadian rapper Drake and said, "SO IT BEGINS".

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"All the radio stations in the Bay that we shouldn't play his music until this is over. I'm calling for a boycott on Drake," said Gaytan.

All this in good fun.

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