5-year-old can use cannabis-based medicine at North Bay school, per temporary ruling

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- A 5-year-old North Bay girl is being allowed to attend public school after a judge stepped in and issued a temporary court order.

Brooke Adams suffers from a rare form of epilepsy and takes cannabis-based medication -- but state and federal laws bans those types of drugs from school campuses.

The first week of kindergarten for Brooke has been quite the change.

For the first time, she's allowed to attend public school at Valley Elementary in Santa Rosa thanks to a court order.

"She's been adjusting to a new location, and new kids but she's really enjoying it," said Brooke's mom, Jana Adams.

Brooke requires special care as she suffers from Dravet Syndrome - a rare condition that causes her to have seizures. A scary episode was recently caught on video during a family trip..

Her family has resorted to cannabis oil for treatment.

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"I think as a parent, you do whatever you can for your child," said Jana. "The cannabis is keeping her alive, so why wouldn't I want her to have it wherever she goes?"

But state and federal law prohibit cannabis and other similar drugs from school campuses - even for medicinal purposes.

Rincon Valley Union School District officials say their hands are tied.

"We absolutely want to serve this student. She's a wonderful student and a wonderful family," said Cathy Myhers, assistant superintendent at Rincon Valley Union School District. "However, we have laws that dictate we can't have that medication on campus," Myhers added.

Last month, a judge heard Brooke's case and is currently finalizing his ruling. For now, this temporary court order allows Brooke to stay in class with her medicine as must be administered by her nurse.

Jana says she will continue fighting until the very end, even if she has to file an appeal if the decision doesn't go their way.

"It would be devastating for her to be able to start here and then have to pull her out and have her stay at home until we figure out what the next step would be," Jana said.

The judge's final ruling on whether Brooke can stay in class with her medicine is expected September 26.

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