Community in Long Beach steps in to help a restaurant owner after emotional plea goes viral

LONG BEACH -- "I need help," said a very emotional Oscar Rodriguez, the owner of Cantarito Molito's Grill.

Rodriguez posted a heartfelt, emotional plea on Instagram to ask his followers for assistance to help keep his struggling small Long Beach, CA business open.

"I cry every time I see it because I know what I was feeling at that moment," said Rodgriguez.

The kitchen shelves were empty, he was down to one cook and he says he only had $50 left in the cash register.

The social media video quickly went viral, prompting locals, neighbors, friends, charity groups and more to donate or visit the restaurant to help keep the doors open.

"This is Long Beach and we got to take care of each other," said Tito Rodriguez, the co-founder of Local Hearts Foundation who gathered friends and reached out to all his social media followers to help support.

Within 72-hours people from different SoCal cities showed up to show their support for Cantarito Molito's Grill.

"Any support that we can give to our neighbors, we need to," said John Jurisic, a Long Beach resident.

"I am so grateful to everyone," said Rodriguez. "Keep your faith, you have to keep going, you can't stop."