Woman struck and killed by a taxicab on Market Street in SF was collecting plastic, witness says

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Monday, August 12, 2019
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The 15th person killed while walking or biking in the streets of San Francisco has been identified. Police say 79-year-old Hui Jun Yang was picking up bottles and cans when she was hit by a taxi.

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The 15th person killed while walking or biking in the streets of San Francisco this year has been identified.

According to the San Francisco Coroner's Office, the victim is 79-year-old Hui Jun Yang.

The crash occurred at Fifth and Market streets on Saturday around 8:50 pm.

ORIGINAL REPORT: Woman dies after being hit by taxicab in Downtown San Francisco

According to witnesses, Yang's shopping cart flew several feet away from her. Iman Bey was across the street when the woman was killed.

"I heard a loud 'boom' and then I saw a lady's cart right there and then a car drove some few more and she came from under the car," said Bey. "He (the taxi driver) stopped, and I ran and told them to call the police and the passengers hopped out. It's just sad," he added.

SFPD is investigating this crash. They don't believe alcohol or drugs were a factor.

It's still unknown if Yang was in the crosswalk during the collision.

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"We are asking that our mayor step in and intervene and gather and convene the city's agencies that are committed to Vision Zero of eliminating all our pedestrian fatalities and serious injuries by 2024," said Jodie Medeiros, Walk SF's Executive Director.

Three weeks ago, and only four blocks away from last night's crash, a Tesla driver sped through a red light killing Benjamin Dean. Kelly Dean tried to shield her husband while they crossed the street before they were both hit. We interviewed District 6th supervisor Matt Haney on these deaths.

"I think that there needs to be a plan from the MTA. That's why we are calling for a state of emergency to do these things immediately. We have identified seven intersections in the Tenderloin that we want to have changed to be pedestrian scrambles," said Haney.

In July, Supervisor Haney introduced a resolution at the Board of Supervisors to declare a state of emergency for traffic safety. He said his goal is to speed up the process, and added "Market Street is set for a lot of changes already that will prioritize pedestrian safety. But it's moving too slow. We don't expect the full project to be done for 5-8 years from now."

After last night's crash, Supervisor Matt Haney also revealed to us that he will be calling an emergency meeting with the mayor's transportation advisor as well as MTA's officials to speak about changes to San Francisco high injury network.