Vandal causes $100,000 in damage at Santa Rosa high school

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (KGO) -- The last day of school before Christmas break is marred for a high school in Santa Rosa after someone broke in and left behind $100,000 in damage.

The staff at Cardinal Newman High School had a huge mess to clean up Tuesday morning. The vandal who attacked the school left behind a lot of destruction.

There was broken glass all over the floor, mud on the walls form where the vandal threw the potted plants, papers scattered all over the floor, even a broken statue that was created in 1966.

Students say they just don't see this as an office -- it is more personal than that. "Coming in here and seeing the glass all broken, it just seems like a part of like somewhere that's my home has been a little bit destroyed," senior Caroline Olsen said.

The attacker even pulled the fire alarm, which brought firefighters to the scene first. When they saw the person throwing things, they called the sheriff's department, who arrested the vandal without incident.

They say they took 23-year-old Andrew Faulkner into custody. The faculty does not think he is connected with the school.

Three classrooms lost windows in the rampage. They were boarded up so students could take final exams on Tuesday.

Student body president Gavin Dove said. "I don't feel scared. I feel really safe in this community. I think everyone needs to just come together, and we can definitely get through this."

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