Equal Employment Opportunity Report


AUGUST 1, 2018

This report covers the period from August 1, 2017 through July 31, 2018. KGO-TV ("the Station) has a longstanding commitment to a policy of equal employment and advancement opportunities for all qualified individuals without regard to race, color, marital status, religion, age, national origin or citizenship status, disability, sex sexual orientation, gender identity, covered veteran status, or any other basis prohibited by state and federal law.

In the Station's commitment to fair employment practices, we strive to ensure that equal consideration is extended to all employees and applicants in recruitment, selection procedures, employee development, performance evaluation, promotions, transfers, benefits and other aspects of employment.
It is the Station's policy to promote the realization of equal employment opportunity through a positive, continuing program of specific recruitment, outreach, hiring, promotion and other practices.

Employees and others believing they have not been treated in accordance with KGO-TV's EEO Policy are encouraged to contact Bradley Hoffman, Human Resources Manager, or their immediate supervisor.

In compliance with the EEO record keeping requirements, the Station creates a file for each position to be filled. The file generally includes, but is not limited to, the following items: copies of advertisements, emails, and distributions to the Station's mailing lists used to notify sources of openings, and a summary of interviewees who applied for vacancies as well as their referral sources.

In addition, the Station documents and retains information about its long-term recruitment initiatives. These files generally include, but are not limited to: the nature and date of each activity, the scope of the Station's participation, and the names and titles of the Station personnel involved.


During the reporting period, KGO-TV used Broadcast1Source, a software service and data management system, to forward notifications about the Station's job openings to the list of organizations noted in Attachment C.

A listing of all full-time positions filled and number of candidates interviewed from August 1, 2017 until July 31, 2018 is noted in Attachment A and Attachment B.

Every job vacancy at KGO-TV is also posted on the Company's website (www.abc7news.com) as well as on the ABC Corporate Job Posting list at Disneycareers.com. KGO-TV also uses an electronic resume tracking system (KENEXA) on the Disneycareers.com website inviting candidates to apply, upload a resume and complete EEOC information.

EFFORTS TO IMPROVE MAILING LIST: The Station posts the following message on our Company's job posting website:

ABC7 is an Equal Opportunity Employer - Female/ Minority/ Veteran/ Disability

We would like to widely publicize our job opportunities. Any organization that regularly distributes employment information to job seekers or that refers candidates to employers may ask to be put on our mailing list to receive information about job vacancies. For further information, please contact Human Resources at 900 Front Street, San Francisco, CA 94111, phone: 415-954-7745 or email at kgo-tv.hr@abc.com or log on to our website at www.abc7news.com.

In addition, the Station aired the following promotional spots:

30 second promo:
Aired 97 times (various hours) on our regular channel and 150 times on our D2 channel.

ABC 7 is an equal opportunity employer and we would like to publicize our job opportunities.

That's why we encourage any organization that distributes employment information or refers candidates to employers to be put on our job vacancy mailing list.

For more information contact the KGO-TV Human Resources Department at 900 Front Street, San Francisco, California 94111.

Or log on to our website at ABC 7News.com.

All of ABC7 Public Service Announcements are on our website: www.abc7news.com on the "COMMUNITY" tab.


1. College Student Internship Program (Paid)

KGO-TV continues to offer internships to college and university students. The students are paid the San Francisco minimum wage during the internship. The average intern works approximately 20 hours (or less) per week. The students are given the opportunity to work in a variety of departments to educate them about the different possibilities in a career in broadcasting and provide them with practical hands-on experience that complements their academic studies.

During the reporting period, KGO-TV has engaged 15 interns working in News, Sports, "Seven on Your Side" (KGO's Consumer Unit), Research, Public Affairs and Programming.

2. Job Fairs and Diversity Conventions

Ongoing: KGO-TV works with the City College of San Francisco (CCSF) which hosts two job-fairs throughout the year. CCSF provides career and employment resources. CCSF's job fairs are open to the general public. The Station participated in the following job fairs during the reporting period:

August 9th 2017: Tracey Watkowski News Dire ctor attended the National Association of Black Journalists (NABJ) Nation Conference. The conference was held at the Hilton New Orleans Riverside.

October 5th 2017: Bradley Hoffman, Human Resources Manager attended CCSF Job Fair for Bay Area Counties hosted by City College of San Francisco.

April 5th 2018: Bradley Hoffman, Human Resources Manager attended the CCSF Mission Center Job Fair for Bay Area Counties hosted by City College of San Francisco.

3. Employee Job Training

The Station provided opportunities for employees to participate in job training sessions to help them acquire skills that could advance their careers and qualify them for higher positions.

The Station sent 2 employees to the Bay Area Video Coalition ("BAVC"), September 8 and September 22, 2017 for DSLR Cinematography and Lighting. BAVC came to the station on the following dates for employee training for Video and Audio Postproduction: October 10, 2017 - 9 employees; October 18, 2017 - 2 employees; November 21, 2017 - 7 employees; January 8, 2018 - 10 employees; February 27, 2018 - 7 employees. The Station sent 1 employee to BAVC on May 12, 2018 for Social Media Marketing for Web Development. The Station sent 1 employee to BAVC on June 1, 2018 for training in the Aesthetics of Editing.

4. Scholarship Progam

Ongoing since 2007: KGO-TV sponsors The Pete Wilson Journalism Scholarship that is administered and awarded annually by The Radio Television Digital News Foundation (RTDNF). Mr. Wilson was a news anchor at KGO-TV. The endowment provides an annual $2000 journalism scholarship in perpetuity in Pete Wilson's name. Applicants for this endowed scholarship award must be from the San Francisco Bay area or studying in the Bay area in pursuit of a degree in journalism. The 2017 Scholarship was awarded to Benjamin Din, of San Francisco, CA.

5. Listing of Job Openings with Media Trade Groups

The Station sent notification of its job openings to the following media trade groups that have a broad-based membership that includes of women and minorities:

National Association of Black Journalists
National Association of Hispanic Journalists
Native American Journalist Association

6. Educational and Community Outreach Programs

November 8th 2017: Cheryl Jennings Moderator and Tracey Watkowski Speaker for International Women's Forum Women in Media panel. Hosted at KGO-TV San Francisco, Ca.

November 8th 2017: Spencer Christian: Guest Reader at St. Vincent's School, in Hayward, Ca.

January 17, 2018: Cheryl Jennings TV News Anchor: Mentoring session via FaceTime with class of Broadcast and Journalism students at Kenilworth Junior High School in Petaluma.

February 5th 2018: Spencer Christian Speaker at Laurel Elementary School in Menlo Park, Ca.

February 6th 2018: Spencer Christian Speaker at North Hills Christian School in Vallejo, Ca.

February 14th 2018: Mike Nicco Speaker at St. Gregory School's student studying weather in San Mateo, Ca.

February 16th 2018: Spencer Christian had Ruby Virchow job shadow him. Ruby Virchow was a journalism student at SF State.

February 21th 2018: Spencer Christian Speaker at Corvallis Elementary School in San Leandro, Ca.

February 24th 2018: Spencer Christian Speaker at Black History Month Career Day Sunnydale Community Center in San Francisco, Ca.

March 9th 2018: Spencer Christian had Guy Brown job shadow him. Guy Brown was from the ABC affiliate in Kansas City, Mo preparing for his new job in Madison.

March 21st 2018: Bradley Hoffman HR Manager: Hosted mock Interview for six students from Burton High School in San Francisco, CA.

March 24th 2018: Kristen Sze Speaker at SFUSD Career Technical Education Academy, in San Francisco, Ca.

April 11th 2018: Bradley Hoffman, Human Resources Manager was a speaker at Lincoln's Digital Media Design (DMD) Academy.

April 24, 2018: Chery Jennings, TV News Anchor: Emcee daylong event for Professional Businesswomen of California in S.F. Used social media and encouraged 6000 attendees to follow ABC7 and Tweet about the educational event.

May 24th 2018: Martin Ortiz Executive Producer News Speaker at Career Day High School the Foundation for Hispanic Education.

May 20th 2018: Cheryl Jennings TV News Anchor MC/Mentor Performing Stars of Marin "EnLIGHTen" mentoring at risk girls. All day at Manzanita Rec Center Mari

June 15, 2018: Cheryl Jennings TV News Anchor Guest and supporter of Sierra Nevada College's fundraiser to support Communications program. Used social media extensively.

June 22 & 23, 2018: Cheryl Jennings TV News Anchor: trained local group of humanitarians helping migrant children in how to use social media more effectively.

Ongoing: KGO Staff provides tours for students visiting from various schools and academic institutions in the San Francisco Bay Area. Students are able to watch a live 5PM newscast, tour the newsroom and finish with a question and answer session with other newsroom staff to provide them insight into the possibilities of a career in broadcast journalism. KGO personnel also participate in other events such as career days and school visits, workshops, and conferences in the community that included the following:

October 27th 2017: Mimi Kwan & Lilian Pena Tour Host University of San Francisco Students

November 6th 2017: Mimi Kwan Tour Host Carey School of San Mateo Students

November 11th 2017: Spencer Christian Tour Host Big Brothers & Big Sisters of SF

November 13th 2017: Mimi Kwan Tour Host Casey School of San Mateo Student

December 8th 2017: Frances Dinglasan Tour Host George Peabody Elementary School

January 29th 2018: Kristen Sze Tour Host Help Mother Out

February 26th 2018: Mimi Kwan Tour Host Woodside High School Journalism

March 15th 2018: Mimi Kwan Speaker UC Berkeley TV Networking Event

April 27th 2018 Frances Dinglasan Tour Host Peabody School's 3rd Grade studying Weather

May 2th 2018 Frances Dinglasan Tour Host San Francisco Community School K/1 Classes studying weather

July 19th 2018 Cheryl Jennings Tour Host Earth Scope Student Journalists for High School media Interns.

July 25th 2018 Cheryl Jennings Tour Host TNDC and TASP group of youth for Station tour.

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