Texas man pays for 88 meals in random act of kindness

ABILENE, Texas (KGO) -- People in Abilene, Texas are still buzzing about one man's random act of kindness.

On Monday, a man pulled into the drive-thru at a Chik-Fil-A restaurant, ordered his food, then handed the cashier $1,000.

He said he wanted to pay for everyone's meal after him until the money ran out.

His motive behind it was pretty simple. "I was like, 'Did you win the lottery today? Like, why are you doing this?' He was like 'Well, Mondays are tough and I just want to make everyone have a good day, like I just want to help them have a good day,'" Chik-Fil-A employee Duste Wolf said.

Needless to say, the customers behind him felt like they won the lottery, or at least won a nice little jackpot.

The random act of kindness gave 88 customers a free meal.
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