Girl gives tooth fairy money to 'donut man' after his tips were stolen

TEXAS (KGO) -- A 9-year-old girl in Texas proves there is still some good in this world.

Chloe Gallegos saw a news story about a woman who allegedly stole money from the tip jar at her favorite donut shop, so the next day the she decided to do something for the shop owner.

Chloe Gallegos is seen smiling in this undated image.


Without her parents even knowing, she wrote a note to the owner she calls "the donut man" and when her mom took her there she left him a special gift. "Because I felt really bad for him getting his money stolen, so I took my tooth fairy money and we put it in there and then we folded it and then when no one was looking, we put it in the tip jar," Gallegos said.

"She's an amazing girl," the shop owner said.

The owner says because of her good deed, she can come into his store and get free donuts whenever she wants.
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