VIDEO: CHP chopper helps catch suspect by landing inside Vacaville Amazon center

VACAVILLE, Calif. (KGO) -- California Highway Patrol helicopter crews often help catch suspects by being the "eye in the sky" but one crew in Northern California got their hands a little dirtier in catching a suspect.

It started with a high-speed chase of a stolen vehicle from Sacramento to Vacaville Monday morning.

After driving for miles including the wrong-way pm I-505, the suspect crashed his vehicle.

CHP helicopter video captured the suspect then hopping a fence into an distribution center in Vacaville.

In the video you can hear the chopper crew directing officers on the ground to where the suspect was hiding.

"When officers approached the suspect he did not comply with their directions, fled on foot, and attempted to struggle with the officers," wrote a CHP spokesperson in a Facebook post.

That's when one chopper crew decided it needed to do more.

The chopper crew landed their helicopter inside the facility in between dozens of big-rig trailers.

The landing zone was so tight that the pilot can be heard in the video saying: "Watch my blades on that side."

Once safely on the ground two CHP Flight Officer/Paramedics jumped out of the chopper and assisted in bringing down the suspect.

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