California Highway Patrol looking for toll booth robbers who hit Bay Area bridges

OAKLAND, Calif. (KGO) -- The California Highway Patrol is looking for two men they say robbed not one but two bridge toll plazas at gunpoint Sunday.

The robberies happened at the Carquinez Bridge and then the Bay Bridge. There is surveillance video from both.

"I would definitely consider this brazen," said Officer John Fransen, Public Information Officer for CHP Golden Gate Division.

The men got away with $4,196 after taking $1,200 from a Carquinez Bridge Toll collector and $2,996 from a Bay Bridge toll collector.

"The suspects were two black male adults both wearing black hoodies and blue latex gloves," said Officer Fransen.

The CHP says the gloves were perhaps to cover any identifying features on the men or to prevent leaving their prints or DNA.

Surveillance video captured the vehicle used in both robberies.

"A black mercedes sedan, it was an S550 with paper plates that said CarMax on them," said Officer Fransen.

CHP says there were 14 bridge toll robberies in 2015 with an arrest of one person believed to be connected to 11 of them.

The number of bridge toll robberies dropped to five the following year. So far this year, there have been four.

As for whether these two latest suspects could be linked to any others Officer Fransen said it's something CHP investigators are actively going to look at.

Sunday's bridge toll collectors were not physically injured.

"They're shaken up," said Officer Fransen.

The CHP says the danger extended to passing motorists as well, which is why they want to talk to any witnesses.
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