Christine Blasey Ford's sister-in-law says she is 'hopeful' for positive outcome

PALO ALTO, Calif. (KGO) -- After the bombshell accusations against Brett Kavanaugh came to light, Dr. Christine Blasey Ford of Palo Alto's name was trending all over the country.

Her sister-in-law gave an interview to ABC7 News, sharing details of the torment and harassment that has been unleashed on Blasey Ford, who met with the FBI Friday about the death threats she has received.

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Sandra Ford Mendler is a Marin County architect. She spoke frankly about the ordeal involving her sister-in-law and Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

Sandra Ford Mendler is a Marin County architect. She spoke frankly about the ordeal involving her sister and Supreme Court Nominee Brett Kavanaugh.

First and foremost, she insisted that Christine, or "Chrissy" as the family calls her, is someone who is intensely private, doesn't seek the limelight, and would never lie, despite critics including President Donald Trump, who may be implying just that.

VIDEO: Rep. Anna Eshoo on Blasey Ford meeting: 'It was difficult for her to retell her experience'
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Congresswoman Anna Eshoo speaks out about the conversation she had with Dr. Christine Blasey Ford.

"From what I understand, is that it's very very common for people that have experienced sexual abuse to feel traumatized and not come forward. From what I have read and understand, that is the most common response," Ford Mendler said. "I was disappointed in the president's comment and I think the way he could have handled this differently, is he could have said, 'Thank you for the information we will look into it.'"

When asked what Blasey Ford's hope for the outcome is, Ford Mendler said, "That women who experience sexual violence and improper behavior will feel strong enough to confront and end those situations and that as a society we will listen better and be more compassionate in our responses. I think she's hopeful that the end result will be positive."

Ford Mendler told ABC7 News that she doesn't understand why when it comes to making a matter of national importance that will affect us all for a long long time, the process has to be rushed.

She says her sister-in-law is willing to testify but needs to ensure that she would be treated fairly and that the Senators have all the facts before questioning her, hence an FBI investigation.

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