Kavanaugh hearings creating a teachable moment for some Bay Area schools, students

Byby Cornell Barnard via KGO logo
Wednesday, September 19, 2018
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The bombshell accusation surrounding Judge Brett Kavanaugh has created an opportunity for East Bay schools -- to teach students to be responsible and respectful.

BERKELEY, Calif. (KGO) -- The bombshell accusation surrounding the accusations against Judge Brett Kavanaugh has created a teachable moment for one East Bay school, when it comes to behavior and social skills.

"In physics class at Bayhill High School in Berkeley, students are also learning lessons in current events with the Kavanaugh case.

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"We were talking about it at dinner, what could be done -- what should be done," said Zoe Naaman, a junior at the private school.

Respect among students isn't expected there, it's required.

"The staff teaches us how to be respectful. Be weary of strangers and be good to our friends," Naaman said.

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"We want our girls to be respectful of boys and boys to be respectful of girls," said Bayhill Executive Director Shelley Lobell.

She adds that Kavanaugh and his accuser have created a teachable moment at school. Lobell says it begins with learning responsibility. "I think some should be responsible for their behavior no matter how old they are. To me it doesn't matter how old they are. To me it doesn't matter when it happened. It matters that it did happen."

"I've made mistakes in my life," said Cal freshman Martin Scott. He told ABC7 News the Kavanaugh situation has been a topic in his classes but he believes in second chances. "Just because somebody did something 30 years ago, which was wrong, doesn't mean it reflects who that person is today."

Naaman says students at Bayhill know any bad behavior could go on your school record. "Everyone should have a strong moral compass. Be kind and compassionate to others."

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