Bay Area holiday shoppers find deals even on Christmas Eve

WALNUT CREEK, Caif. (KGO) -- Vanessa Gong and her partner, Aaron Gonzales, admit that it was tough finishing up their Christmas shopping.

"(We are doing) last minute shopping because we work so much during the year!" she explains.

It's a theme shared by many holiday shoppers this year.

But their bags were full as they finished off their list at the Broadway Plaza Shopping Center in Walnut Creek.

"Diffusers are really the thing this year," says Gong as she shows off two of them that she bought as gifts, along with an Apple Watch and other items.

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She says they still got some great gifts even for it being the night before Christmas. Even though Gonzales says he says he would rather, "be at home, chilling, hanging out with the family." But he adds, "It is nice to be together and stroll around. It's not too cold out here, so it's good."

The good weather is perhaps one reason why the outdoor Broadway Plaza was buzzing throughout the evening.

Robert Matthews and his wife are leaving with three bags full of holiday gifts. He says they had to finish up their gift list, but that it was also a nice night to get out.

"It's been beautiful out here. No rain! The rain has held off, so we are in good shape," says Matthews.

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And then there are the shoppers who come out on Christmas Eve, who say, it is all part of the plan.

"Every Christmas Eve, this is how we do it," says Michael Huffaker, who lives in Walnut Creek. "It's nice and calm. There is no one around. Oh yeah, always planned like this."

Andony Husari says he knew what he wanted to buy so he wasn't in any rush to get his gifts. And he knows stores are open late, which works with his schedule.

"I kind of expect (stores to be open) because that's how it has kind of been. Black Friday has become a holiday itself. And everyone knows to shop late (into the season)," says Husari.

As the holiday shopping season comes to an end, some retail analyst are forecasting more than $40 billion in returns just from this season's online purchases.
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