Christmas trees could cost you up to 20% more this year amid inflation

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Wednesday, December 7, 2022
Christmas trees could cost you 20% more this year
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Christmas tree prices are skyrocketing due to inflation and many retailers estimate the cost for many trees to go up 20% or more this year. Kemberly Richardson has more.

With higher prices impacting just about everything these days, it should come as no surprise to learn you can add Christmas trees to the list.

Farmers are blaming it on everything from the rising cost of labor to the high price of fertilizers. Many national chains estimate the cost for many trees to go up 20% or more this year.

"God, we've had a tree in my house since as far back as I can remember," one woman said.

But that may have to change with this season's sticker shock. Experts say the high price of live Christmas trees is a reflection of what's going on overall... inflation.

A survey found growers have increased their prices by between 5%, and in some cases, as much as 20%.

Jill Sidebottom with the National Christmas Tree Association explains what wholesalers are up against.

"Price of fuel. And that in turn affects fertilizer prices and the costs of other things that they use to produce the crop and to harvest their crop," Sidebottom said.

On the flip side, experts explain retailers like Home Depot and Whole Foods, where the prices are more reasonable, are counting on you leaving with more than just a tree.

"You're also going to buy lights, you're going to buy dog food, you're going to buy toilet paper," Sidebottom said.

So, some ways to save money include getting a smaller tree or different species and consider buying a less than perfect tree with patchy sides.

Put it in the corner of a room and no one will know.