Santa Clara leaders give 49ers 30 days to present financial documents for all non-NFL events

SANTA CLARA, Calif. (KGO) -- The city of Santa Clara Tuesday put the 49ers on notice. City leaders are demanding to know how much the stadium is making and if the team is spending taxpayer money.

The Niners will have 30 days to turn over financial documents showing the profits and losses for non-NFL events at Levi Stadium, like concerts.

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Mayor Lisa Gillmor says she's never seen a document in the more than two years Levi's has been open for business.

"I hope all documents that are required in this agreement that they agreed to are delivered, simple as that. If they are delivered we don't have a problem. If they are not we have a problem," Gillmor said.

Team president Al Guido says many documents have been delivered and others are available to be viewed at any time. He says, however, certain proprietary information needs to stay private.

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"It is in no one's best interest, not in the 49ers, not in the city of Santa Clara's, not in promoters who booked the building, not in acts who come here. It's not in the best interest that information be made public," said team president Al Guido.

It was standing room only at Santa Clara City Hall, the public standing with the mayor and council. Ricci Herro campaigned in favor of building Levi's Stadium.

"I don't like being lied to causing me to lie to other people during that campaign and I feel personally offended," Herro said.

The city council agreed to issue the notice the day before Thanksgiving.

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