Climate change makes coastal erosion, flooding a rising risk across nation

Flooding and erosion are one of the biggest challenges our communities face as a result of climate change.

Our ABC Owned Television Stations meteorologists are witnessing, in real time, the disappearance of coastlines, and flooding damage in places far from the oceans.

This segment shows the disproportionate impact of flooding on low-income and communities of color. Our team details how the changing climate is reshaping life along U.S. coasts and how innovations are already making a difference.

In New York City, for instance, the MTA has developed three main approaches to blocking future floodwaters from flowing into stations through subway entrances. One of them is a system of so called stop logs, interlocking planks that essentially board up entrances to the station.

In Houston, a watertight Starbucks survived the flood waters of Hurricane Harvey.

And in San Francisco, officials decided to build a floating fire station to prepare for rising sea levels.

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