From politics to cats, here's what trended in SF's Twitterverse last week

When the Golden State Warriors traveled to Washington D.C. last week, the team met with a president -- just not the sitting one.

It was a hit on social media, with the Chronicle's tweet becoming one of the most-liked and -shared among San Francisco's Twitter users, with 24,000 local retweets, favorites, quotes and replies as of this writing. But tweets from people in the city -- over 1.1 million posted between Jan. 21 and Jan. 27 -- ran the gamut from aid for long-furloughed federal workers to local crime to the political ambitions of a favorite daughter.

It can be hard to make sense of the sometimes chaotic stream of information on Twitter, so Hoodline analyzed data from San Francisco's Twitter users to identify which local events, issues and curiosities got people most interested last week.

An @nbcbayarea tweet about a Fremont gas station offering free fill-ups for furloughed workers was the No. 2 local tweet last week. It earned over 1,150 local retweets, likes, quotes and replies.

That wasn't the only aid for the federal workers. As @KRON tweeted Jan. 23, a California dispensary gave out free medical marijuana for federal workers who couldn't cover their bills:

You also showed a lot of interest in a local rally by presidential candidate Sen. Kamala Harris:

The top public safety tweet was this from SFPD:

Then there were the always-popular tweets about animals needing adoption. The top, with over 330 local interactions, was about one special feline:

What else captured your attention on Twitter last week?

UCSF doctors taking on the sweetened-beverage industry:

SFPD officers in the Tenderloin recovering a stolen work truck and tools:

And former mayor Willie Brown acknowledging -- with a "so what?" -- that he and Harris dated.