Miracle Messages: Help houseless San Franciscans Dennis, Jackie and Jesse find their families

Miracle Messages shares videos via social media to help people experiencing houselessness or unstable housing reconnect with family and friends.

Founded by San Francisco resident Kevin Adler, the organization connects clients with caseworkers who record video interviews. Afterwards, nearly 1,000 digital investigators assist in the search process, scouring the internet for clues.

In this edition, meet Dennis, who's seeking his grandmother, and Jackie Block, who's being sought by her sister. Also, we've got some more information about Jesse Green, who was featured earlier this month.


Dennis, who did not provide his last name, is hoping to connect with his grandmother to tell her that he loves her.

Dennis, who resides in San Francisco, told the Miracle Messages team in his video recording that his grandmother is named Bernice Alexander and is in her 60s. She was last seen living across the bay in Oakland.

"I miss you and I love you," Dennis says in his message. "I know I haven't seen you since my dad's funeral. But I've been thinking about you and praying for you."

Jackie Block

In this case, Jackie Block is actually the one who has disconnected from her family, who is seeking to find her. Jackie is approximately 54 years old, and may have been located in Elma, Washington.

Her sister, Shona Gomo/Daussey, recorded a video in the hopes that the Miracle Messages team can help her and her family find Jackie.

"Hi Jackie, we miss you," says Shona in the recording. "Please try to get ahold of your Grandma, she's worried about you. If you don't want to talk to me, that's fine, just get ahold of Grandma. Love you."

Jesse Green

Finally, an update on Jesse Green, who we featured earlier this month. Jesse had called Miracle Messages' 1-800-MISS-YOU hotline number, indicating he's trying to get in touch with his aunts, Jan and Betty Green.

According to his recorded message, their last known location is Longmont, Colorado. It's not clear from his recording how long the family members have been disconnected.

Just recently, the Miracle Messages team learned that Jesse actuallyhelped to save a gas station attendant during an attack this past January.

Jesse speaking about an attack on a gas station attendant. | Screenshot: ABC7

On January 22, San Francisco police dubbed Jesse a "good samaritan" after he aided the victim of an attempted robbery and attack at a Shell gas station on Turk and Franklin streets near Civic Center.

Jesse, who frequents the station and washes customers' windows to earn money, told ABC7 that when he went inside the station that night, he found a clerk pinned to the floor by an unknown suspect. Jesse and two other bystanders were able to pull the suspect off of the victim.

The suspect fled the scene, but was later located by witnesses across the street and taken into custody.

If you have any information that would help Dennis, Shona or Jesse connect with their families, please email Miracle Messages. To become a hotline volunteer or launch a pilot in a new city, visit the group's website.