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Todd sharing his thoughts about reconnecting with sister. | Screenshot: Miracle Messages

Miracle Messages shares videos via social media to help people experiencing houselessness or unstable housing reconnect with family and friends.

Founded by San Francisco resident Kevin Adler, the organization connects clients with caseworkers who record video interviews. Afterwards, nearly 1,000 digital investigators assist in the search process, scouring the Internet for clues as to the whereabouts of their friends and family members.

In this edition, meet Mark Jebson and Barret Harrison -- who are looking to reconnect with family members -- and Todd, who recently reunited with his half-sister after recording his Miracle Message.


The Miracle Messages team met Todd in front of the Westfield Centre on Market Street earlier this year. He told ambassadors that he wanted to reconnect with his half-sister, Lauren.

One of the nonprofit's volunteers used Facebook Messenger to send a note to Todd's sister, who indicated in her response that she was interested in reconnecting.

Since Todd does not have a phone, Miracle Messages ambassadors and staff set out to locate him near the Powell Street BART Station, taking a few days to locate him.

"They've found my sister, and she wants to meet with me, and I might fly back to her place to see her," Todd said in a recorded video after meeting up with ambassadors. "It makes me feel great."

They planned to meet the following day outside of the Burger King on Market Street to make a phone call to Lauren.

"It was amazing" to talk to her, Todd said after reaching Lauren on the phone. "I didn't think that I'd ever speak to her again. Thank you guys. It was only because of you that I was able to speak with her."

Mark Jebson

Next, San Francisco resident Mark Jebson is hoping to have a similar success story and reconnect with his sister, Brenda Salbory, the team learned earlier this month.

Jebson contacted Miracle Messages for help, but provided only a few clues as to his sister's whereabouts. Salbory is approximately 65 years old and may live on Third Street in San Francisco, said Jebson.

Barret Harrison

Finally, Barret Harrison is hoping to reconnect with her father, Patrick Gunner Randall, whose last known residence is on Ellis Street in the Tenderloin. Randall is approximately 68 to 72 years old, she added.

Harrison provided some clues about her father that might help to locate him, including that he once flew helicopters in Vietnam.

She last spoke to her father and grandmother, Grace Randall, in a phone call roughly eight years ago. Her grandmother, who would now be 107 years old, was married to Del Randall in Yakima, Washington, she said.

Both her grandmother and father are of Cherokee decent. Randall's brother, Kevin Randall, and sister, Katherine Campbell, may have information about her father's location as well, she added.

If you have any information that would help Mark or Barret connect with family members, please email Miracle Messages. To become a hotline volunteer or launch a pilot in a new city, visit the group's website.

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