Outside Lands returns to Golden Gate Park

SAN FRANCISCO (KGO) -- The 12th annual Outside Lands music festival kicked off Friday at San Francisco's Golden Gate Park. The three-day festival will feature major acts such as Paul Simon, Childish Gambino and Kacey Musgraves.

After days, weeks, months of prep-- how time flies. You may feel as if you're flying, or at least dealing with the TSA as you pass through the security gates at Outside Lands.

"Pretty standard for the airport, I would say," said Justin Klycbek of Sacramento.

For some, one point of interest that is brand new is Grass Lands, a cannabis boutique and consumption zone. Now that it's legal in California, visitors may boldly go wherever the toke trail leads them. Note the seven-gram limit, tracked by a point of purchase system. They market cannabis like wine now.

"How's it taste?" we asked one woman.

"Well, it's a little earthy, peppery. Has a peppery finish a little bit."

As for music-- that begins at noon and continues till 10 every night. Headline acts this year, include Twenty-One Pilots, Childish Gambino, and on Sunday Paul Simon. Organizers expect the intimacy of almost a quarter of a million people who have paid dearly for the pleasures of being present.

"That three-day pass. What did it cost you," we asked Sam Bevill from Los Angeles.


"How did you come up with that kind of scratch," we asked the college student.

"My parents, thankfully."

At least his parents know he'll be well-fed. Restaurant row features booths from some 85 local restaurants. They will serve hundreds of thousands of meals.

Chris Kronner, the burger man from Oakland, has multiple shifts of 20 people working at the festival.

"We're planning for 8,000."

"In three days? How can you make and sell 8,000 burgers in three days?"

"Just don't stop."

Not unlike the music.
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