Concord adoption agency closes leaving parents in dark

CONCORD, Calif. (KGO) -- An East Bay adoption agency closed suddenly Monday despite there being many open cases in their care.

A couple brought home baby Reiley two months ago from her birth mother in Texas, but they've only completed one of six required post placement visits for the adoption to be legal.

Their adoption is not final yet. When asked what they needed adoptive mother Krista
McIlmoil said she needed her information but didn't have access to it. "We have nothing, absolutely nothing," she said.

McIlmoil says they've spent close to $23,000 on the adoption and that they absolutely want to keep their baby girl. "We don't want anything to jeopardize our adoption."

But the Independent Adoption Agency, abruptly closed. A handmade sign posted on their office door after 34 years of facilitating 4,000 open adoptions.

Executives declined to go on camera but said in an email: It is with deep sadness that we write to inform you that the IAC is declaring Chapter 7 bankruptcy and will be closing permanently, effective immediately.

"I tried to call them," said a Walnut Creek woman who did not want to share her name. "I try to email them. No response, so I went by their offices."

She's worried, "Part of the adoption process is they have personal information on us, and there were no directions on how to get that back."

She has no match and had paid IAC $15,000 so far. Adoption attorneys say they're getting many tearful calls from families like these.

"I can't even imagine the thought of losing her," said McLilmoil.

Some could be out of money, and a few may have to start all over again. They're bonding on Facebook about what to do next.
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